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One FREE webpage using your existing logo or by creating one for you when you become a *Mamapalooza Gold Guitar Member. We’ll design Your FREE webpage you’ll be listed in our directory.

After we design your page we’ll refer you to our affiliate web-host company and guide you through the process of helping you build your website for a very affordable hourly fee.

Or, get a professionally designed website built on an easy website builder that you can update and change yourself!

You can have a website custom-designed just the way you want it for as little as $299.

Our professional designers will build your website using our easy-to-use website builder. Mac and PC Friendly. No need to learn complicated programs or buy expensive software. Our team of moms will maximize your opportunities.

Most websites are completed within two weeks! You just have to tell us what you want.

Compare the value to the thousands of dollars you'd pay to hire a website designer to program you a website from scratch! And think of the money you'll save taking care of day-to-day changes and updates yourself.

Most web-companies lack the ability to work well with others. You can’t even find a human being when you need one. Often they’ll hand off your job to another company while charging you double for the work they don’t even do.

Our team of dedicated women will take your project from soup to nuts, from the kitchen to the stage, from your dreams to your realities.

Our work is backed up with extensive programs that empower and support women like: Large-scale festivals around the country, media partnerships, mom-branded experts, monthly conference calls, radio and video opportunities, business guidance and programs that will lead you towards success, including URL forwarding advice, social media advice, blog leads, affiliate programs, referrals, workshops and conferences.

When you hire our web-building team here's what you get :

Custom 5-page site website

You choose the look, tone, and style of the 5 pages you need to get started.

Your own photos

You can supply as many as 10 of your own photos to be used on your website. And if you need pictures you don't have, our web design team can find the images that will work best for your site from over 1000 stock images in their files. Your website will never be the same as everyone else's!           

Easy to update

You can update the site yourself quickly and easily without paying a web designer. Our web design team will build your site using StirSite technology.

Easy to expand

Your website will grow with your needs. You can add up to 1000 web pages, 1000 photos (choose from your own or from our image library), and up to 100 products in the catalog.

As you expand you can add the following services:

5-product catalog

You can get an online catalog showcasing as many as 5 of your products, if you sell products. You can add more on your own as you grow.

Online Merchant Account

Get set up directly with webhost or we’ll take you though it step by step.

Here’s a list of all our fees, so you know exactly what you’re getting and what you can expect.

One Time Fee:

$299.00 - $799 Build your new website

Annual Fee:

$74.99 Annual Gold Guitar Membership Features: One FREE Custom Built Webpage with Links to your site Your Name On Our Recognition Wall, A Complimentary Magazine & A Monthly Mentoring Phone Call with Mamapalooza Experts plus a day's admission to ARM/Mamapalooza Conference NYC

Monthly Fee:

$29.95 Monthly hosting (Host company fee (nothing to do with us), billed directly to you)

Hourly Fees:

$45 per hour for ongoing web help, logo design, design advice, youtube setup, private consults, legal referrals, technical referrals, business advice, etc.

FREE: Once you become a Mamapalooza Gold Guitar Member, you will receive one FREE homepage sample website, which you can use to design the rest of your website with our recognized affiliate or we’ll use as a template for your 5 page website designed by our team.  You’ll have access to monthly conference call with Joy Rose and a team of experts who will offer advice and guidance on a variety of subjects.

FREE: One 10 minute session with a Mamapalooza Expert in the field of health, finance, event coordination, green, film, music, writing, marketing, incorporation and referrals for print, trademark, legal, sponsorships, relationships and more. IF YOU DECIDE TO CONTINUE WORKING WITH THIS PROFESSIONAL, their fees will apply.

A note from Joy Rose, Founder and President of Mamapalooza:

I’ve decided to offer these opportunities to other women, because I got tired of being ripped off.

After spending $2,500 on my first website, $3,000 on my second website and another $3,000 on my third website all within the span of four years, I was fed up.

Each time I approached a company for help, they spoon fed me tidbits of information with no comprehensive plan for business success.

Instead they were happy to take my money, forward the work to a third party who often got the information wrong and then promptly bill me for hours of work that never translated to success.

Even SEO (Search Optimization Companies) will gladly sell you a plan for 6-12 months, charge you thousands of dollars and plug you into a system of managed by young techies who don’t really understand the mom-market or the needs of women-owned businesses.

My team is ethical, smart and we’ve learned the secrets of the big guys through experience and by making every mistake in the book while we struggled to navigate our way to business success. Now we’re poised for success and so are you. We’ve empowered women to the tune of $500,000+ since 2002. Our events exceed 10 million media impressions annually and over 75,000 people attend our events. By working together we can maximize our opportunities even more!

We look forward to working with you!             

Here are a few freebies along the way:

Postcards, brochures and banners:

Multi-media: buy a flipcam for $125 (aprox) for easy import to YouTube

Communities: local connection to moms:

TV interviews: weekly on

Conference Calls Take Place the second WEDNESDAY of EVERY MONTH 8:00PM (EST) & go for 1/2 hour.
Conference Line: 641.715.3200
Access: 720965#

I started Mamapalooza after great success with my band ‘Housewives On Prozac’. We’ve had the great fortune to play together for over ten years at some of the most awesome locations on the planet including Good Morning America (Twice!), Giant’s Stadium and in front of rooms full of toddlers and their moms. Mamapalooza grew out of my success and wanting to share that success with others. The members pages are hosted on my original website, and I hope you may be as fortunate as I’ve been in achieving my dreams!

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